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The Barcelona Bar is situated within the Ropewalks area of Liverpool which is at the bohemian heart of the city. Bursting with art, music, and culture. This is the perfect setting so such a unique venue!

The iconic Barcelona Bar in Liverpool has taken many different shapes and sizes over the years. Originally the building was created to be at the epicenter of Liverpool’s Methodist church community until  Major restoration work was undertaken in 1997/98  by an entrepreneur named Bob Burns credited for transforming over 30 bars in the city to must-visit venues.

As the 90’s where coming to an end it was an where an incredible time for the bar and the cities nightlife. From around 98 to 2002 The Barcelona bar played a huge part in the cities dance music sense, attracting Dj’s and live acts from around the world pulling in huge crowds from across the country.

After 02 the bar lost its foothold on the scene and was left vacant for many years. BUT now the bar has finally been restored to its former glory and purpose.

But what makes the Barcelona  Bar Liverpool’s most unique venue? Take a look for yourself!

The bar takes its name and inspiration for its incredible interior from the awe-inspiring architect, Gaudi who’s most famous works are found in Barcelona.

The fantastic architecture and decor coupled with the passion and pride of a family run business create an unrivaled party atmosphere.

The bar is open Friday through till Sunday with a plethora of carefully curated events and parties, most of which are free to attend. Expect to find emerging local bands and talent to entertain you into the early hours of the morning.  Now every Saturday get loose with our Northern Soul specials!

As if all this isn’t enough to make you want to visit this unique bar the owners have now created an equally quirky Gin bar next door, Bar Racine’s relaxed atmosphere, and Art nouveau design offers over 30 different Gins making it a must-see attraction when visiting the city.

This stunning venue is now available for hire for parties and gigs. The venue has a late license and PA for DJ’s and a backline for live music, with the option of a range of catering services available on request.



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